"Lame or Not Lame Hall of Fame or Shame"™

Personalized licence plates

Added 2009-08-13, Revised 2011-02-08

Personalized licence plates, also called vanity plates, are all around us. They're conspicuous because they don't usually follow the ordinary pattern of letters and numbers for licence plates. Here in Ontario the default pattern is AAAA 999 and vanity plates can have any (allowable) combination of letters, numbers and spaces totalling 8. Once you start noticing personalized plates, you can't stop.

The "Lame or Not Lame Hall of Fame or Shame"™ is my collection of personalized plates, most of which I have seen myself, and many with pictures. I've also given each plate a rating for lameness.

What does lame mean? A lame personalized plate does nothing for you except perhaps make you wince or moan. It does not make you think, or, if it does, it makes you wish you hadn't. A lame vanity plate often betrays a lack of self-esteem, or an unwarranted abundance thereof. And of course there are degrees of lameness, and some personalized plates are lamer than others.

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of personalized plates to be seen that are not lame. These show creativity, whimsy, cuteness, cleverness and all-around awesomeness

The "Lame or Not Lame Hall of Fame or Shame"™ has the following categories:

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