Last play debacle

Why blind laterals are usually a bad idea

Added 2011-04-24

Ten after 11:00, and only four guys have arrived. What, it's not warm enough yet for the fair weather players like Marvin and Tyrone? And where are Milt and Dree?

Dean, Juergen, and Dave

John, Dean, Rudy, Steve — 3.
Eric, Dave, Cos, Juergen — 2.

Steve was star of the game today, getting the tying touchdown (by extending the ball through the soccer netting across the goal posts) after we completed a 100-yard sustained drive, and then the go-ahead score late in the game after "one last possession" had been called. On the ensuing kickoff, which turned out to be the last play of the game, Cos tossed away his team's chances by a blind lateral that went straight to an opposition player—me.

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