Legal Moose

On Mud Creek in Caribou Park

Added 2012-03-11

Being a regular cyclist in the city, I discovered long ago that the fewest hills are encountered when following streets adjacent to the natural course of creeks and streams. One of these is Mud Creek, which I follow on a regular basis to get to Dante Alighieri Academy near Yorkdale to play Sunday Football.

Just west of Avenue Road, south of Lawrence, beside Heart Park, the exclusive Caribou Park community sits on Mud Creek's northern side. I will often stop to admire this gorgeous stone house (a designated heritage property built in 1909) on Kimbark Boulevard.

43 Kimbark Blvd

Today I decided to take a peek into its back yard, to see the Mud Creek ravine from the north.

Moose on Mud Creek

Another moose!!

Legal Moose

This one wasn't very difficult to identify. It's called Legal Moose, as confirmed by Anna Sand, who is making a documentary about Toronto's moose. If you know where any other moose are, please contact either of us.

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