Map of Toronto Island frisbee golf course

Aerial view

Added 2010-12-07

The image for this aerial view is quite large indeed, and you will likely need to scroll your browsing window both horizontally and vertically.

Superimposed on this image, meticulously stitched together from a dozen shameless screen grabs of an online aerial mapping service, are marked in red the numbered tee off locations for the 18 holes of the Toronto Island frisbee golf course. The city is towards the left, Lake Ontario to the right. Red lines trace the fairway to the approximate location of the pins. Maybe I could have made those lines thicker.

Begin your aerial tour by scrolling completely to the right. Look for the firehouse at the top, then scroll down to find the first hole and away you go...

Note: if you need a printed map to take with you, there are three suitable versions in this forum thread on the Disc Golf Ontario web site. I like the third map (on Page 2). All of them are a bit dated, still showing the dogleg on the 8th hole.

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