Mill race

At the Taylors' Middle Mill

Added 2014-05-24

Stopped in at Todmorden Mills for its Doors Open event today. All four buildings are open.

My last time inside the Mill itself was taking my kids to preschool classes.

The two houses are awesome and the smell inside them is worth the trip alone.

In the brewery, there's a display area and gift shop, and this tribute to Charles Sauriol —

Tribute to Charles Sauriol

Three mills of historic significance existed along the Lower Don. Todmorden is the Lower Mill. The Upper Mill was located in what is now E.T.Seton park. All three mills (and more) are mentioned in Douglas Yardley's Excellent Don Valley Adventure.

The Middle Mill was located beside and downstream of where the Police Dog Academy is today. Unlike Todmorden, only few traces of the Middle Mill remain. It had its own spur to the CN mainline, and the tracks are still visible in the road bed of Beechwood Drive near the level crossing.

Just to the southwest, between the paved Lower Don trail and the CN line, across from the Beechwood Wetland, is the Middle Mill's mill race. Specifically, it's the tail race

Mill race

There's a 4mb larger version of this picture available, suitable for your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy.