Mr. Nonchalant

Cold rain and reduced attendance

Added 2010-12-12

Only eight of us today, with no sign of the young guys. Maybe the rain was too cold for them. I figure if it isn't snowing, it can't be that cold.

No idea who picked these teams, but it was Andrew, John, Dean and Dree, against Eric, Milton, Gordie and me. Dean got a nice touchdown on a rather obvious play call of a pro out on the goal line. Milton got a fabulous long touchdown on a hook-and-lateral with Eric. Andrew, Mr. Nonchalant, made several excellent one-handed catches. He also kindly threw me an interception.

The game ended when I was at quarterback and foolishly attempted to throw a long post, which Dree picked off and ran in for the winning score.

Here's Milton and his ride.

My good friend and hero, Milton

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