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Rudeboys play the Vikings at 9:30

Added 2011-11-05

The Rudeboys lost to the Tallboys in our last regular season game to finish 5—5 on the year. A meaningless game as far as the standings were concerned, for either team. In the late game, the Jazz beat the Vikings 35—9 to take first place, on the head-to-head total points tiebreaker. Rumour before their game was that the Vikings wanted to play us rather than the Tallboys and might roll over. They got their wish.

The #3 Rudeboys will play the #2 Vikings at Wexford Collegiate at 9:30 on Saturday, November 12. Please, please be there early. The 11:00 game has the #1 Jazz versus the #4 Tallboys.

In our game today against the Tallboys, we were totally in it, despite turning the ball over early. We had touchdowns to Dree and Dean, and were down only 18—12 at the half.

The second half was, shall we say, a disappointment, although there were bright spots. Dean, today's star of the game in my opinion, had a heads-up interception on a tipped deep pass, as well as making a touchdown-saving—some would say phantom—tag on an opponent who had evaded two of our faster players. But there were notable gaffes, too. Milton got totally scorched for a touchdown, and Andrew inexplicably threw a pick six on the backside of a "queen's curl" pattern that was working beautifully, at least as far as I could see, because I was all alone in the flat. John came in in the fourth quarter and threw well in relief. Thanks also to Marvin for coming out and giving us support from the sidelines despite still being on the pup list.

Final score was 48—12 for the Tallboys. If we have to play these guys again, it will be because they will have beaten the Jazz in the other semi-final.

See MTTFL Fall 2011 Standings for league standings.

Rudeboys final results:

sat sep 109:30lugansW 56—0
sat sep 1012:30pythonsW 40—18
sat sep 179:30jazzL 21—51
sat oct 111:00vikingsL 18—34
sat oct 89:30tallboysW 30—18
mon oct 109:30lugansW 31—12
sat oct 159:30jazzL 8—47
sat oct 229:30pythonsW 21—7
sat oct 299:30vikingsL 12—32
sat nov 59:30tallboysL 12—48

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