My secret hideaway

Do you know where it is?

Added 2010-05-29

Do you recognize these chairs? They are in my secret hideaway. What are they called, anyway? Deck chairs? Lawn chairs? Muskoka chairs?

A pair of chairs

So where is my secret hideaway? Let's zoom out a little and see the immediate surroundings.

Chairs in my secret hideaway

My secret hideaway is a place of beauty, serenity, sunshine (today), and peace, if not total silence. That's a hint.

If you know where this spot is, send in your guess, you could win a prize. I haven't decided on the prize, because this is a really hard challenge. And of course I should mention that this isn't in Muskoka or anything, it's somewhere in the Don Valley. I'll give you a ~real~ big hint and tell you that it's south of the Forks.

Okay, here's another picture of my secret hideaway, from the side. Now the challenge should be a lot easier.

My secret hideaway, side view

If you think you know where this is, and can pinpoint the area to within about a hundred yards (metres for you young'ns), contact me and you could win a prize.

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