New 7th hole at E.T. Seton disc golf course

Not playable yet, but soon

Added 2012-04-12

There's a tee pad being installed for a new hole between the current 6th and 7th holes at the E.T. Seton disc golf course. It's right behind the washroom under the Overlea bridge.

New 7th hole location

It's another forest hole!

New 7th hole orientation

The fairway, if you can call it that, will go into the forest much like the current 7th hole. All along the fairway is evidence of small trees and branches having recently been sawed off. Still, the impression I got is that it's going to be substantially narrower than the current 7th hole.

New 7th hole fairway

There is no sign yet where the pin(s) will be located, but I'm guessing further up the hill after a dogleg to the right.

According to Adge this will be the new 7th hole, and the current 7th and 8th holes will become the new 8th and 9th. The current 9th hole will be retired (no tee pad is planned) but the sleeves will stay in place and we'll use 9 temporarily when the 10th hole goes out of play (possibly as early as next year) for the 2015 Pan Am games.

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