No snow, sunny and warm... this is February?

Let's play an early Saturday round of frisbee golf

Added 2012-02-04

Life's too short to let a day like this go by without taking advantage. Andrew and I decided to get in an early round of frisbee golf at E.T.Seton.

Here's the staircase behind the bus stop on the south side of Eglinton at Leslie down into E.T.Seton park. There really hasn't been any substantial snow or ice this winter, so the stairs are a piece of cake.

Stairs down into the valley of the West Don

It turns out Aubrey had also decided to play this morning, but had to start earlier. Here he is making his way along the 13th fairway after stopping to say hello to Andrew and me on the 3rd hole.

Aubrey on 13

Andrew contemplates retrieving his frisbee after his drive on 3 ended up a tree.

Andrew's frisbee is up a tree on 3

After the front nine, Andrew was at par and I was four under. Then I lost my shot and gave up 5 strokes between 13 and 15. Clawed my way back with a great long putt on 18 to tie with Todd at 79, six under.

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