Not Enough Guys for Sunday Football

And no game next week, Sunday the 13th

Added 2011-03-06

Waiting for guys to show up

Only John, Eric, and I showed up. So we cussed and swore and decided to go home. Then Dean showed up, right at 11:30, but that still wasn't enough for a decent game.

Next week, we're going to give it a pass. With Dree in Trini, and Eric on vacation, it's just not worth the trip to Acton. Plus, this is the time of year when the field gets soaked and muddy, and we tear it to shreds with our cleats.

For the following week, the 20th, I'm going to try to contact everybody and see who's definite. I'll post the list by the 18th so if there aren't enough guys again, then nobody makes another trip for nothing.

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