October hike up the Don Valley

Sun Valley, Beechwood Drive, the CNR main line, Thorncliffe

Added 2009-10-25

Sunday afternoon was too gorgeous to stay home so I packed my radio (to listen to the Buffalo Bills game) and went for a hike up the Don Valley. Here's a little map to show where the pictures were taken.

Map of my hike up the Don Valley on 2009-10-25

The first stop was just off the Bayview Extension in a part of Crothers' Woods called Sun Valley. From here, you can see clear across the valley to a couple of the houses on Beechwood Drive, which descends down into the valley on the south side. What an awesome view Buddy must have from his top windows...

Sun Valley looking southeast towards Beechwood Drive

From Sun Valley, I went across a bridge over the Don, down to the CN line, along the railway across the Don again, to turn back and look west towards the intersection of the railway with Beechwood Drive.

CN track looking west towards the Beechwood Drive crossing

As mentioned, Beechwood Drive comes down the valley wall from the south, crosses underneath the Don Valley Parkway, and hangs a left at the Police Dog Training Centre. There are barriers which prevent cars from going further, but Beechwood Drive actually carries on towards the Beechwood Wetland and then turns north, across the CN line here, to the landfill and snow dump grounds (which were closed in the '60s).

Looking towards the east, the CN line turns to go under the Leaside Bridge. Nothing down here but the sewage plant off to the left.

CN track looking east from Beechwood Drive towards Thorncliffe

Leaside Bridge was built in 1927 and recently refurbished. This shot was taken just south of Thorncliffe on the east side of the bridge looking back west.

CN track looking west towards the Leaside Bridge

Leaving the railway, I took the park road that heads up from the valley towards Thorncliffe, and turned around to look back, south, across the valley. The "teeth" that you can see prominently in the distance are part of the elevated wetlands. There are actually two sets of these, and in this picture you can see the ones on the south side of the Parkway right beside Taylor Creek Park.

Looking south from Thorncliffe across the valley towards the

My final stop was on the crest of the hill at the top of the park road, looking northeast across Ernest Thompson Seton Park (notice the person in the lower right corner). There's a bus crossing the Overlea Bridge, and Marc Garneau Collegiate is just on the far side of the bridge.

The Overlea Bridge seen from Thorncliffe

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