One track, or two?

Coyote tracks in E.T.Seton park

Added 2014-01-06

On my way down to the E.T.Seton disc golf course this morning, I stopped at the old stone bridge and noticed some animal tracks in the snow below, going right across the frozen ice of the pond left behind when the river was diverted a few years ago —

Is that one track...

That may look like one track, but it's actually two.

Here's the view from other side of the bridge, showing where the tracks briefly diverge near the bank —

... or two?

I'm pretty sure that's a coyote. I heard a coyote in this general vicinity late one night last month, howling like a devil. After a few howls, I tried a coyote imitation and howled back. He shut right up. Coyotes are shy.

Maybe these tracks were made by two coyotes, or maybe it was single animal taking two tours of his normal hunting circuit. Both sets of tracks appear to be going in the same direction.

A few feet south, from the new bridge over the diverted river, I took this video, mainly for the pleasant and relaxing sound of the water —

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