Ontario Junior baseball tournament

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Added 2011-06-30

I happened to be around Bayview and Eglinton this afternoon just as a baseball game was starting at Talbot Park, so I stopped to watch a few innings.


The quality level was pretty decent. Hit and run plays, a pickoff at first base to end an inning, a slide into second to beat a throw that never came, and so on. And of course the seating was excellent.

Baseball game in Talbot Park

Apparently this was an Ontario Junior tournament, with 8 teams from around the province participating. Age level would be around 16 to 18. This I learned before the game from the very nice gentleman operating the scoreboard. During the game he was quite busy, keeping track of balls, strikes and outs using the scoreboard lights, and after each half inning giving scoring updates via speaker, along with dropping numbered cards into the slots for the box score from inside the little building.

Old style scoreboard still works fine

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