Outstanding individual efforts

Sunday Football stars

Added 2011-06-05

Only eight guys today, the best summer day we've had so far. Dave and Dean unexpectedly missing.

Juergen, Bryan, Gordie, Dree

Pre-game warmup time. Juergen is acquainting himself with the feel of the ball in case he actually gets a pass in the regular game, Bryan is looking for worms that somebody might trip over, Gordie is practicing turning his head to the other side, and Dree is going over his acceptance speech for star of the game.

Cos joined us late and played both ways. When he wasn't preoccupied checking the tennis scores on his phone every few minutes (yes, he brought his phone with him onto the field), he took a couple of pictures for us.

Rudy and Juergen

Milton and his guns

John, Dree, Bryan, Gordie, Cos — 5.
Rudy, Travis, Milton, Juergen, Cos — 3.

Catch of the year was made by Dree on a little slant underneath pattern. The pass was overthrown, but tipped it with one hand, stumbled, almost fell, caught up to it and completed the catch, then ran 60 yards down the sideline for a touchdown, with Travis giving valiant but unsuccessful chase. On the ensuing kickoff, Milton let the ball go over his head, had to go back into the end zone to collect it, and then made an outstanding fake lateral and busted up the middle for an 80-yard return before Dree caught him. Later, on a 3rd and field play, Milton threw a 50-yard touchdown to Cos in the end zone. Cos also scored twice for the other side, Dree ended up with three TDs on the day, and Travis had two.

Field goal practice

After the game, we practice some field goals. Dree's got the leg to make 50-yard field goals regularly and routinely, once he gets his accuracy down.

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