Paddle the Don, 2014

Pictures from a spectator

Added 2014-05-04

This morning, I rode the bike down to the Lower Don Trail at Pottery Road to watch the boats coming down the river for the 21st annual Paddle the Don event.

Just north of the Pottery Road bridge, boats re-enter the water after the second of three portages to avoid weirs on the Don River —

Re-entering after the second portage

Under the bridge carrying the Canadian National main line, boats leave the river for the second portage —

Leaving the water for the second portage

Further north along the river, just before the Leaside bridge, a cosy campsite across the water —

Cosy campsite

Boats in the water —

Boats in the water

Taking a time out —

Taking a time out

At the Forks of the Don, with the weir on the West Don on the left, and the East Don in the foreground, boats re-enter the river after the first portage —

Re-entering after the first portage

By the way, yesterday, May 3, 2014, would have been Charles Sauriol's 110th birthday. His books, as well as his contributions to conservation, are well known to nature lovers in Toronto. He owned property just a few yards further up the East Don from here.

But back to the paddling...

Some canoe passengers were uncomfortable, like this dog which whined continuously —

Whiny dog

Some canoeists had difficulties, like this couple which got turned around after running aground on a sandbar —

Aground on a sandbar

Several canoes made loud scraping noises over the stones in the shallows; one participant mentioned that the water should have been a bit higher —

Stones in the shallows

Taking a brief break to break out some snacks —

Snack time

As well as canoes, there were many kayaks —


Here's the first class spectator seating where I watched the boats go by —

Spectator seating

Interestingly enough, someone tweeted a great picture taken just as they were passing my spot! —

Paddling the Don