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Deciphering English with the help of friends

Added 2011-01-11

I'm a big Coronation Street fan, and have been recording it for many years, originally on VHS, now on my hard drive using Windows Media Center. Being able to rewind and replay a particular scene when the dialogue is difficult to understand is a joy. With closed captioning, I can replay a scene and get the benefit of the transcription to help understand something. This is especially helpful for obscure English idioms.

Here's a case where even the closed captioning didn't help me.

Scene from Coronation Street

Janice Battersby mutters something about Nick Tilsley which the transcription gives as "If he were sticker arc, he'd have pillow written right through."

I thought she might have said "sticker art" instead, but not having a clue what the whole phrase might mean, I asked my friend Dan in Manchester via Facebook. He didn't know, but contacted a friend, another huge Corrie fan, who came up with the answer. Janice had actually said "If he were a stick of rock, he'd have pillock written right through."

The stick of rock here is Blackpool rock, and a pillock, is, well... you look it up.

Dan's friend had supplied a link which confirmed this interpretation. I should actually have been able to find it myself with a "wildcard" google search: if he were * he'd have * "written right through". Check out the ITV forums link.

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