Playoff Bound

Rudeboys lock up third place

Added 2011-10-22

The Rudeboys defeated the Mighty Pythons today to improve to 5—3 on the year and a solid lock on third place.

During pre-game warmups (which more of us could take part in next week when we play the Vikings) Andrew said I was looking "spry." So don't I go and get our first touchdown on a play which had me go in motion (me!?) from left to right and do a hook, and when nothing happened, I slid sideways in the end zone to give my quarterback a target to throw to... *thwok*—right in the hands!

Our defense had a very successful day, despite once again having to patch holes in the lineup due to injury. The Pythons punted four times out of six possessions. Meanwhile, our offence got in gear with a touchdown to Travis, a field goal by Andrew, and a touchdown to Dave. At the half, we were up 21—0.

In the second half we concentrated on defence. The Pythons, somewhat undermanned, still managed to mount two long drives, which ate up the clock but ended on third-and-goal incompletes. Here they are on their third drive, now into the fourth quarter, first and goal in our red zone —

Rudeboys versus Pythons

Okay, they scored. Go ahead and blame me, because I took this picture, the only picture I took during the actual game.

What happened next was magic.

On the ensuing kickoff, the ball goes right to John, deep in our end, and he takes off at an angle. The kicking team comes downfield, in their lanes as they should, and John just does his thing, I still don't know how he knows when to do it, but it's perfect, a little hitch and bang! he's breaking downfield into the clear...

Play of the day, in my opinion, even if the lateral to Travis didn't quite work.

Thanks, Steve

In the second game, the Tallboys played tight with the Jazz and made some spectacular catches. We have to play these guys once more, too.

Lugans versus Vikings

In the late game, the Lugans played the Vikings, but I did not stay to the end. I heard that the final score was 9—37. Coincidence? I don't think so.

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