Playoffs? You kiddin' me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!

Donalco Bluejackets are on the verge of elimination

Added 2009-10-24

Our game against the Kings started out reasonably well as I tried to get us back to some simple two-man patterns on either the left or right side. Somehow, our veterans forgot the backside patterns, which are supposed to come all the way across on square ins to the side we're attacking, and got all bunched up over the centre. John didn't do so well at quarterback, then Johnny had a try, then me, and we also let a new player today, Michael, have a turn at QB. Michael doesn't really understand the 10-yard, 4-steamboat nature of the MTTFL game yet. Huge cannon for an arm, though. Too bad we aren't in a tackle league; I'd draft this guy in a second.

The defence had trouble stopping the long bomb, and the second half was painful to endure. They'd throw long against us and complete their passes, often in traffic. We'd throw long against them and get picked off by the guy playing deep centre field. Final score was 27-0, and our playoff hopes are all but mathematically ended.

Updated 2011-06-29

This story used to have a picture, a screenshot taken of the famous press conference tirade by Jim Mora, former coach of the Indy Colts. The picture kept getting stolen, and I had to foot the bill for the hotlinking. Enough is enough. Today I have removed the image.

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