Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors

Television does not do justice to the speed of the game

Added 2012-01-20

Here are a couple of screenshots taken from a late evening TV newscast covering the Raptors' 94-84 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers tonight.

Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors

If you look closely, you can see me and Andrew right behind the Portland bench. Okay, I guess you have to know exactly where to look — just left of the Gatorade buckets, one row back.

Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors

I was a little hesitant to bring my camera, as the Air Canada Centre has a no cameras policy, but I brought it anyway. The first surprise was no pat down at the gate we took, although we had to show our tickets five times before reaching our seats. Then there was a public address announcement that said taking pictures was okay as long as it wasn't during the actual game play. Fair enough.

Here's the pre-game shootaround at our end. That's "Superfan" Nav Bhatia in the front row seat under the basket.

Shootaround before the Portland-Raptors game

Just about every single Trail Blazer came to say hello and give Nav a hug. Only a few Raptors did, presumably because they see him every game, and their bench is down at the other end. Jamaal Magloire, who did not play ("Coach's decision") stopped by. That's Global TV's Leslie Roberts with the popcorn.

Jamaal Magloire visits Nav

A coaching moment for Bernie Bickerstaff during a time out.

Bernie Bickerstaff and Marcus Camby

Marcus Camby, a born leader.

Marcus Camby

The speed of the game is incredible. Television does not do justice. These guys are amazing athletes. LaMarcus Aldridge had a monster game, 33 points and 23 boards. The Raptors' James Johnson had 23 points and an incredible dunk that I shall remember for a long, long time.

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