Progress on the ET Seton disc golf course

Basket pipes are installed

Added 2011-06-10

On a sunny Friday afternoon, what better way to spend some time than to take another walk in the park. Suddenly, a cute little machine came tootling along.

Dingo post hole driller

This nice gentleman from the Toronto parks department was kind enough to speak to me and explain how he and his crew were installing the basket pipes for the disc golf targets. This machine, called a Dingo, has multiple attachments, including a cement mixer. Right now it's set up to drill holes in the ground, and he said they had only six more to do. See the footrests he's standing on? He rides the machine on those.

Basket pipe

Here's a basket pipe after installation. There's a plug of cement holding it down. The basket will fit into this pipe and actually be locked in place with a padlock.

Basket tucked behind a huge tree

Here's another basket location, tucked in behind a rather large pine tree.

One of the remaining basket locations still to be drilled

At the top (north) end of the course, one of the remaining basket locations still to be drilled.

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