Rating the Toronto Island frisbee golf course

New par values for multiple holes

Added 2010-11-30

How is par determined for a frisbee golf hole? In regular golf, par is based on how many strokes an average player needs to reach the green.

In theory, pars are achieved by two putts, with the remaining shots being used to reach the green. For example, on a par-five hole, a player would be expected to take three shots to reach the green and two shots to putt the ball into the hole.
-- Wikipedia

In frisbee golf, there is no green per se, but the concept is similar. You don't putt quite the same as throwing a frisbee for distance, and taking two putts in frisbee golf is also normal.

Aubrey and I have been talking about re-rating the pars since A day at the island last spring, and over the last few weeks we've made some changes (mostly upwards) to the pars for this course.

Let's take the third hole for example. Here we are at the long tee, the asphalt area in the foreground, also known as the men's tee.

Third tee on the Toronto Island frisbee golf course

We've re-evaluated the par on this hole to be a 7. We reckon it takes at least one shot just to reach the short (or ladies') tee, shown on the left with the arrow in the following closeup portion of the picture above.

Third hole ladies' tee and target, in closeup

The third hole target (circled) is on the right, much further away.

Here's the sixth hole tee, located beside the bridge to South Island and the RCYC. The men's tee is obscured by the bench. Once again, just making it to the ladies' tee is one stroke.

Sixth tee on the Toronto Island frisbee golf course

The sixth hole target is not visible from here, being past a bend in the fairway to the left, and another bend to the right, a full eight shots away. Yes, par 8.

Here's the fairway for the tenth hole, looking back toward the tee, with the CN Tower in the background, across the bay. We've revised this one to a par 6.

Tenth fairway on the Toronto Island frisbee golf course

In the final re-evaluation of the pars that we're playing for the Toronto Island frisbee golf course, par has increased from last year's 46 out and 46 in, to 52 out and 54 in, for a total of par 106.

New score sheets are being printed as we speak.

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