Rubik's cube in the ravine

Behind the Rosedale subway station

Added 2010-07-31

It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm headed downtown via the ravines. In Rosedale Ravine, just behind the Rosedale subway station, I come across some abandoned stuff —

Rubik's cube in Rosedale Ravine rec room

The Rubik's cube was seized up, or I would've taken it home. Ditto for the tripod.

Further south, looking back north, a lovely view of Rosedale Ravine park —

Rosedale Ravine park

"Whippet crossing" sign beside an old house built on the Castle Frank Brook creekbed —

Whippet crossing sign

Here's the "O'Happy" garden on Rosedale Valley Road at Aylmer —

O'Happy garden

The lines are from a poem by William Wordsworth:

O happy garden! whose seclusion deep
Hath been so friendly to industrious hours;
And to soft slumbers, that did gently steep
Our spirits, carrying with them dreams of flowers,
And wild notes warbled among leafy bowers;

Not sure why whoever made this sign decided to change a few words, and make it an Irish garden.

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