Rudeboys 2011 MVP awarded

Fabulous weather for Sunday Football continues into December

Added 2011-12-04

Today's Sunday Football game had Eric, Dree, Gordie and Dean victorious with 4 touchdowns, versus 2 for Andrew, Dave, Steve, and me. Fabulous weather, easily 12°C, and the rain held off until after we had finished. Field in outstanding condition, firm but with a great grip. We could easily have been playing on two feet of snow.

After today's game, Andrew presented the game ball for the 2011 Rudeboys MVP to Dave. There were several solid players this year, and it was a fairly close decision. Dave gets the nod for consistent play on both offence and defence, reliable performance, and a great attitude despite some of the setbacks we had this year. Well deserved.

Dave, 2011 Rudeboys MVP, with his autographed ball

What is Sunday Football?

Sunday Football is a friendly if occasionally competitive pickup touch football game played using relaxed MTTFL rules (principally, it's one-hand tag), to which all are invited to attend and participate. We have had players from several MTTFL divisions make guest appearances, as well as sons, cousins, friends, and others. All are welcome and you should bring cleats.

We play on Sundays at 11:00 at Sandford Fleming. Rain or shine. Or snow. Or whatever.

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