Scenic sundog

And a steaming pile of mulch

Added 2014-01-23

On my way down to the E.T.Seton disc golf course this afternoon, I stopped at the north parking lot to capture this picture of a sundog

Scenic sundog

In the background is Tower 2 of the Scenic on Eglinton condo project. In the foreground is a ten-foot-high pile of tree branches, a pile about the size of a football field (so, approximately an acre, or half a hectare).

One month after the storm, this tree debris is still actively being collected and brought here by a never-ending convoy of dump trucks.

Here's a view from Eglinton Avenue, looking southeast across the E.T.Seton parking lot —

Steaming pile of mulch

That's the 1884 Canadian Pacific high bridge over the West Don River off to the left. Below, on the left, is a huge pile of wood chip mulch, steaming away.

Here's a brief video with a better view of the steaming pile of mulch —

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