Science FAIL!!!

Another stupid science fiction drama debuts on CTV

Added 2009-08-03

Another stupid new space exploration series had its debut on CTV last night. Here's the explanation for why all the actors on the spaceship seem to be walking around like they were on earth:

"Some things are in zero gravity, and some things are not. Well, our grav suits contain nanofibers, that pull us towards the deck electromagnetically. But anything without the nanotechnology, like Jen's tomatoes, will float. Neat, huh."

Ah, nanofibers, of course!

It sure didn't take very long before we were shown lots of props sitting around on tabletops instead of floating.

Why aren't the plants floating?

When, oh when, will we be treated like intelligent beings, and not be shown this type of absurdity?

Oh, and the ultimate irony? The series is called Defying Gravity.

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