Season's Greetings and Happy Hole-In-One Days

Frisbee golf in January

Added 2011-01-28

On a cold Friday night at the end of January, a brave trio sets out for a long overdue round of frisbee golf at the old course on the Beach which we used to play so regularly.

Seasonal lights on the Beach

The seasonal festive lights are still shining brightly on a dozen or so trees along the boardwalk, lending some small cheer to an otherwise damp and dreary night. The fact that they are still cheerily shining a full month after the festive season ended is heartwarming.

Aubrey nailed a glorious hole-in-one on the eighth, hitting the lamp pole solidly (and loudly) a good ten feet off the ground. He closed the front nine with birdie, ace, birdie, to pull even with frontrunner Andrew at 31. I was a distant third, 6 strokes back, at 1 over.

Sadly, the round was not completed. Aubrey had had enough by the 15th hole, and did not attempt 16. I, being the reckless fool that I am, climbed up onto the dangerously ice-covered rocks on hands and knees and very carefully tossed my frisbee without any torque that might send me sliding off into the icy deep. Andrew followed from the safety of the ladies' tee. With Aubrey heading for Queen Street, Andrew and I decided to finish 16 and then pack it in to follow him, but by the time we got in the truck and up the street, he was gone. Even though all three scores were officially DNF, Andrew had trounced us soundly once again.

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