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Added 2011-05-01

Only seven guys today, and Juergen agreed to go both ways to even up the teams. Thanks. And thanks also for not whining like a woman when I manhandled you a couple of times on defence.

John, Dave, Milton, Juergen — 4.
Andrew, Dean, Rudy, Juergen — 2.

On the opening play of the game, Milton got an interception when I threw to where the receiver would have been if he hadn't stopped running his route. I did have two nice drives ending in touchdowns to Dean, but otherwise a poor day as quarterback, missing several easy passes including two sure touchdowns late in the game to wide open receivers.

Milton was clearly the star of the day, scoring all 4 of his team's touchdowns, one on another interception off me, and one on a punt return when he gave me, being the last guy back, such a great move that I fell down, in a classic broken ankle (warning: video has NSFW soundtrack).

After the game, we're having a brew to unwind, and Dave comes out with the revelation that he thought I looked like a well-known Canadian pop singer. I don't know whether to be flattered or what. In any case, I've always thought he looked like a well-known hockey player.

You be the judge.

Rudy Limeback Anne Murray

Dave Walmsley Mark Messier

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