Snow squalls in mid-April

Andrew can't play but comes out anyway

Added 2011-04-17

On the way to Sandford Fleming, behind schedule because of the monstrous headwind out of the northwest, I cycled past Andrew's place, and his truck was still there.

Andrew ain't coming

Water bottle antennaSo I left him a little message.

Before the game started, the snow started to come down pretty hard.

Snow squall on April 17

The snow held off nicely, though, while we played. You know the old saying "weather permitting"—well, the weather hardly ever stops us from playing, but today it seemed to be cooperating as much as could be expected. The air was warm, but the strong wind still messed up a few long passes.

John, Dean, Steve, Rudy — 3.
Eric, Dave, Juergen, Rudy — 2.

I had to play offence both ways, being last man to arrive. Dean was star of the day, getting the winning touchdown when John let me throw for the last series. Andrew, getting over a cold, did turn up towards the end, to say hi to his friends.

On the way home, it started to snow again. I actually beat Andrew back to his place and asked him to take another picture.

Snow squall on April 17

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