Soggy Sunday Football

The water slowed him up

Added 2011-05-29

Wettest May in many years. We have eight inch grass on the field and a couple of inches of standing water in places. A lot of passes which appeared overthrown were actually underrun. The slogging was particularly bad for those of us who are already naturally slow.

Eric, Dean, Dree, Malcolm, John, Gordie — 4.
Andrew, Steve, Dave, Milton, Cos, Rudy — 1.

There were multiple stars today. John had two masterful opening drives, with both touchdowns to Eric. Gord caught up to a couple of great square outs and played a solid game. Dean and Dree had the other touchdowns for their side. Andrew threw Steve three lovely deep passes in a row, the last for our side's only TD.

We be chillin, even if the beer be warmin

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