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Sunday Football well attended in mid-January

Added 2012-01-22

The weather again cooperates, with brilliant, sunny skies and mild temperatures. The field is in great shape with excellent traction, and only a few icy spots.

Noah came out again, and brought two newcomers, Avi and Josh. All together, we had 13 players today. Gord left early and Al showed up late, so it was basically six on six, a most agreeable arrangement, as it allowed us to play the entire width of the field.

Final results:
Eric, Steve, Dree, Rudy, Josh, Avi — 5.
Andrew, Dave, Gordie/Al, John, Dean, Noah — 2.

Star of the game was Steve, with three interceptions, two for touchdowns. Altogether, our side made 7 interceptions, and threw only one, by me.

Hilarious moment of the day occurred when Noah returned a kickoff, and, upon hearing someone calling his name for a lateral, dutifully tossed it over to me. The hilarious part was the fact that I was on the other team. Chin up, Noah, we've ~all~ done it.

Noah, Andrew, Steve

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