Still no winter to speak of

Sunday Footbal flourishes in February

Added 2012-02-26

Another new player joins us for Sunday Football today, a guy called Ed who played with us a few times some 8 years ago.

The teams were fairly evenly matched, with Ed accounting for one of his team's scores after I served up a tasty "pick six" to him on my first (and only) drive at quarterback.

Final results:
Eric, John, Steve, Ed, Avrum — 4.
Andrew, Gordie, Milt, Rudy, Noah — 5.

Star of the day was Noah, who had a miraculous 50-yard catch on third-and-field just short of the end zone in tight double coverage, as well as scoring several touchdowns and preventing a few more by running down the other team's receivers. Well done.

No football pictures today, but I thought I'd take a shot of the school, in case anyone is trying to find it on an (outdated) map. It's no longer called Sandford Fleming, it's now Dante Alighieri Academy, Beatrice Campus.

50 Ameer Drive

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