Summer in November

Gorgeous weather for a daytime round

Added 2009-11-10

What a gorgeous summer day today, perfect for a lazy round of frisbee golf at the beach.

Stringing Christmas lights on the trees by the boardwalk

The shirtsleeve weather was somewhat incongruous with the crew stringing up Christmas lights on the trees by the boardwalk.

Sun dog over the volleyball courts on the beach

Taking a brief rest stop between holes, we noticed a pair of very pretty sun dogs, together with an almost complete circular halo.

Closeup of a sun dog

Sun dogs, like rainbows, are caused by refracted sunlight, in this case through ice crystals very high in the sky.

Breakwater boulders

Literally hundreds of huge boulders are piled up to act as breakwaters to protect the beach shoreline. The stripey lines are called strata and indicate that the rocks were formed on the bottom of ancient seas millions of years ago. Imagine the contractor who had to make the estimate for how many truckloads of rocks would be needed for one breakwater.

Delay on the 16th hole

Of course, with such fine weather, delays were inevitable. Here's Aubrey waiting for a nice pair of old ladies to finish their chat on the bench by the 16th hole target.

Backhoe cruising the beach

While we're waiting, a backhoe goes by.

I'm crushed

Oh noes!!! My frisbee got run over!! (It's okay, though. Whew!)

Skip along with me

Even the skipper was out again, at his same spot. You can't really see his skip rope because it's actually a very thin wire, and it really whistles when he gets going.

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