Summer solstice inaugural E.T. Seton frisbee golf round

You guys seem to know what you're doing

Added 2011-06-21

Aubrey called me up out of the blue and proposed a round of frisbee golf at the new E.T. Seton course. What a delightful way to spend an evening. We started at 6 pm and easily completed our round before dusk. Mind you, dusk on the 21st of June is as late as it's going to get.

After the 4th hole, there's a short walk along the bike path, and a strategically placed park bench where I asked Aubrey to have a seat and contemplate life for a moment —

Keep ya loot - give me some truth

After the 5th hole, we stopped at the large picnic shelter where half a dozen plastic picnic tables are located under a roof. One of the picnic tables has a hole burned right through it. Why do some people have to be vandals?

Hole in plastic picnic table

How much nicer to make your statement in non-destructive sidewalk chalk —

All your base... are belong to us

On the 8th hole, we were met by Adge, the guy whose efforts over the past two years obtaining funding and working with the city parks department have resulted in this spectacular course.

Adge and Aubrey

We chatted briefly, including some comments on the use of frisbees versus discs. And then Aubrey proceeded to sink a stunning 90-foot shot into the 8th basket, visible in the background of the above picture. "Well," commented Adge, "you guys seem to know what you're doing."

The next picture is the tee at the 13th hole. The fairway runs along a small embankment next to the Ontario Science Centre maintenance facility, all of which, including the curb, is supposed to be out of bounds.


Here's a closeup of the 13th target —

13th target

As could have been expected, all disc golfers will try for the big right-to-left shot, over the Science Centre. The course is only a week old and already somebody's disc is up on the greenhouse.

Disc on the Science Centre

Aubrey and I made a provisional decision that we weren't going to observe the OB rule for our frisbee golf rounds. There's a difference between shooting out over the Science Centre buildings, and shooting straight down the pavement for a nice slide...

At the end of the round, when we tallied the scores, Aubrey finished with a 71 (we played only 17 holes, the 7th not being ready yet), and I was well back with 80.

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