Sunday Football Beer

...tastin' ~soooo~ good

Added 2011-03-27

Seven guys today, but a very lopsided result. John, Greg, and Dean beat Andrew, Dave and me, by a score of 5-1 with Milton playing both ways. Milton has to have the most indefatigable optimism I have ever seen, a truly remarkable and valuable trait for a football player. Too bad he can't run a route.

I sort of manhandled Dean a couple of times, for which I apologize, once with an unnecessarily hard tag, and once by a blatant hold which disrupted his pattern and allowed me to step in and make an interception (which we brought back because of the penalty). But I also caused a drop on a third-and-one. Dean got back at me, though, scoring at least one TD (that I can remember) on a simple square out and then running down the sideline.

Here's Dave and me after the game, drowning our sorrows in the excellent beer that Andrew brought. Thanks, Todd!!

Dave and Rudy

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