Sunday Football newcomers

Three new players

Added 2011-06-12

Three new players joined us today. Two of the newcomers, Chris and Murray, came with Cos from his work.

Chris, Cos, Murray

The third, Noah, had found us via this web site (which surprised a few of the guys, not sure why).

Eric, John, Dave, Cos, Milton, Murray — 3.
Andrew, Dree, Gordie, Rudy, Chris, Noah — 5.

Noah made a great first impression with a touchdown and two interceptions. Murray and Andrew had interceptions as well. Andrew not only threw a great game, he also called a great game, taking charge in the huddles.

Star of the day was Dree with 4 touchdowns, including one from me at the end of the game on a beautifully executed 20-yard square out in the end zone, made possible by a nice pro out pattern by Gordie to open up the defence. Success comes not just from individual effort, but by teamwork.

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