Sunday Football on Super Bowl Sunday

More snow to cope with

Added 2011-02-06

Another Sunday, another fresh snowfall we have to run through. This is getting tiring.

Here's Dree and Milton, misbehavin' before the game.

Dree and Milton clowning around

This is young Daniel, new to Sunday Football, who played admirably.

Daniel, Dree's brother-in-law

Eric came out for the first time in weeks, still nursing a sore shoulder, and played with Dree and Daniel, while Dave and I and Milton were on the other team. Eric's pass to Dree, which Dree caught in front of me and ran in for a touchdown, was thrown left-handed. The final score was 1-0.

During the game, we saw our friend the coyote patrolling the on-ramp hillside again. Afterwards, I went over behind Baycrest Arena again to have another look, and caught him for the second time getting onto the on-ramp. Here he is, forelegs on the guardrail, looking both ways before hopping over. I know the picture isn't all that great, but he was gone before I got close. Dave saw him too.

Coyote hopping the guardrail

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