Sunday Football resumes for 2011-2012

How could you not play football on a day like today

Added 2011-11-20

Steve, Eric Dave

A close matchup today, and a longer than usual game, but we loved it, because it was 14°C and mostly sunny. Some wind. Our coyote was back sunning himself on the hillside.

The teams were Eric, Dree, and Milton, versus Andrew, Dave, and Steve, with me going both ways on offence. It was 4-2 and then Steve challenged everyone to play until one team reached 5. Sure enough, Andrew's team comes storming back. After a long drive with some sharp passes by the backup quarterback, me, to tie the game at 4-4, Eric threw deep to Dree for the winning score. We were all exhausted, the good kind of exhausted. What a fabulous day.

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