Sweet victory

After winning on the last drive

Added 2010-12-05

The old guys played against the boys from last week again today. Dree showed up for us part way through the game and immediately scored on his first play to tie the game at 2-2. After a few more scores, and now with the old guys behind 4-3, Eric leads us down the field to tie the game again at 4-4.

At this point on many a Sunday, after a long game with the score tied, a general agreement is often quickly reached that both teams will get one more offensive series before we call it a day.

The boys don't score on their series, and Eric takes us down the field on another sustained drive and throws the winning touchdown to Dave in the end zone.

Post-game drinks are always so much sweeter after a victory.

Enjoying a victory beer after the game

My good friend and hero, Tyrone

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