Thanksgiving weekend doubleheader

Rudeboys are 3-2 after winning Saturday

Added 2011-10-08

The Saturday game started late as the Tallboys had no pads and only 5 guys. We scored on three of our first four drives, starting with a long field goal by Andrew, and touchdowns to Travis and Dave, for which we have video (see links below). Marvin had a nice knockdown on third-and-goal on one of their drives, and at the end of the half, it was Rudeboys 15, Tallboys 6.

In the third quarter we had nothing. The Tallboys complete two long, clock-consuming drives for touchdowns, and take the lead 18-15.

That's when the good things started happening.

The offence is all business

After a drive that includes a nice sideline catch by Dave, we get a break. A high snap sails over Andrew's head, he scrambles and throws into the end zone, where the defender tips the ball right to Dean (see video).

Dean scores the winning TD on a tip after a broken play

Another touchdown to Travis later on, and the game ends Rudeboys 30, Tallboys 18.

Many thanks to Andrew for organizing the barbeque. And the steaks were awesome, thanks Dean.

A word of caution about the following videos

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