Thanksgiving weekend doubleheader

Rudeboys are 4-2 after winning Monday

Added 2011-10-10

The Thanksgiving games are a highlight of the MTTFL season. October can be blustery but we were lucky to have perfect, sunny weather today.

The game started slowly as the teams traded third-and-field punts. The Lugans then got to third and goal, but went incomplete against a tough defence.

We came back with a huge third-and-one down-out-and-down to Dave for the opening touchdown, for which we have video (see links below).

In the second quarter, the Lugans get to third-and-goal again, and go incomplete. But we were offside, so they get another chance, and go incomplete again as Travis makes a knockdown.

So we get the ball on our own three yard line, but on third and field, we throw an incompletion to hand the ball back. But they take three shots into the end zone and we stop them each time. So we get the ball again on our three yard line, only this time, on third and field, we come to our senses and punt. The Lugans score just before the half ends, Rudeboys 8, Lugans 6.

Gordie and Dean

The second half opens with a touchdown to Noah, and our defence continues to dominate, forcing two more three-and-out drives.

The defence is all business

Travis gets a score on a square out (see video), and Andrew gets a single off the ensuing kickoff. The Lugans put together a long scoring drive in the fourth quarter, but we come back with a deep post touchdown to Dean (see video). Final score is Rudeboys 31, Lugans 12.

After the game, I went over to say hello to another old guy who's still playing football. I've just turned 62, but Forrest will be 65 in December.

Couple of old guys

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