The 7th hole at E.T. Seton

In the woods

Added 2011-07-01

It's Canada Day, so I thought I'd ride through the course to see how playable it might be on a statutory holiday. The answer turns out to be yes, provided you avoid the sunbather in the skimpy bikini on the 16th fairway, and complete your round before the picnic families arrive.

I also wanted to see the 7th hole, which was made ready to play just the other day.

And it's a beauty.

The 7th tee off marker is located across from the picnic shelter. You will be shooting into the woods at the right —

7th tee at E.T. Seton disc golf course

Here's the entrance to the woods —

Entrance to the 7th hole woods

Do not — repeat: NOT — go into the bush without protection. In this case we are talking about mosquito repellant, but it's good general advice in other situations as well.

The 7th target is currently in the short pin position, and it's up on an embankment. The long position is around the bend to the left, under plenty of overhang. Splendid job on hole design, I say.

7th target in short pin position

Then I saw Adge. Twice, actually. Spoke to him only the first time, though. He says the National Post will be doing an article about the new course some time in the next few days. Congratulations, man. I'll put a link up here when they do.

On the way home, I went out by the Science Centre, down Don Mills, and then across the Charles H. Hiscott a.k.a. Overlea bridge. (See Bridges of Toronto Unite!, an interesting story about bridge names.)

So here's the general area of the 6th tee from the Overlea bridge. The picnic shelter is on the left, just behind the two tall pines —

E.T. Seton park, as seen from the Overlea bridge

Being a statutory holiday, the picnic shelter was reserved, and there was a ~lot~ of pedestrian traffic towards it, most of it along the 6th fairway. But even from above, it was easy see the disc golfers courteously and patiently letting them pass through... and then shooting into the rough. Except for this guy, who had a nice fairway lie —

Disc golfer on the E.T. Seton course, as seen from the Overlea Bridge

Here's Adge, the second time I saw him. He's explaining something about disc aerodynamics, on his way down the 6th fairway.

Adge on the 6th fairway

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