The Don Valley when it's quiet

A fantastic, surreal experience

Added 2012-04-14

Took a long hike up the Don Valley this afternoon, hoping to enjoy a rare opportunity to experience what it must have been like before the behemoth DVP was built. I was not disappointed.

The Don Valley Parkway when it's quiet

The Don Valley Parkway was closed for repairs this weekend. You would not believe how quiet the valley was.

The following picture is taken from the approximate location of the John Taylor house mentioned in Chapter 3 of "Tales of the Don" by Charles Sauriol. The plateau of land mentioned by Sauriol was bisected by the DVP, and only a small hillock remains on the north side.

The Don Valley Parkway when it's quiet

The following movie clip is marred by the sound of the wind in the camera's microphone, but it should give some idea of how peaceful the valley was today.

Did I mention I use a cheap camera? That's so that I won't feel a big hit if I lose it and have to replace it.

My camera has a self-timer, but apparently it cannot focus quickly enough in self-timer mode. Maybe that's just as well, because you really don't want to see the stupid grin on my face here...

Some guy standing on the Don Valley Parkway

Here's another video from further upriver. You don't normally hear the Leaside bridge make noise as buses goes over, because the DVP is louder.