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Outstanding effort at Sunday Football

Added 2011-07-03

Despite the long weekend, we had nine players today, a good turnout, considering. We didn't get started until after 11:30, though, which is a bit of a problem. Next week, could we all please make an effort to be there and ready to play at 11:00? Thanks. Andrew will be bringing beer for Dean as the result of a hockey bet.

Everybody had a good day today, with six different guys getting touchdowns—Dave(2), Gordie, Bryan, Rudy, Noah, and John. John's turned out to be the winner, a "hook and ladder" play on 3rd and field from midfield to Bryan and back to John, who beat me to the corner and down the sideline for the TD. Gordie and I both got monster touchdowns on deep patterns, alone down the middle of the field, nobody covering us.

Eric, John, Bryan, Noah, Gordie — 4.
Andrew, Rudy, Dave, Milton, Gordie — 3.

Star of the day today was Noah, another strong effort and one absolutely awesome play that we will remember for a long time. Noah's team is on offence, driving down the field, and a pass is thrown into the end zone, which Milton intercepts about 5 yards deep. Coming out from behind the goalpost, Milton takes off down the sideline. From the opposite side of the end zone, Noah takes off after him. One hundred and five yards later, Noah finally catches up, makes a desperation dive, and gets Milton on the foot, a few yards from the goal line. This is one hand touch football, so that's a tag. Yes, we scored on the next play, so you would think that Noah's effort was in vain... and you would be wrong.

Here's a video of a remarkably similar play which you might remember -- Champ Bailey - 100 yd INT (2005 AFC Divisional vs. New England). This play remains the longest non-scoring interception return in NFL playoff history. And here's a segment from a feature film about the same play -- Benjamin Watson tackle saving touchdown.

Finally, here's a long article about it -- The Essence Of Sport. As the writer of this article says towards the end, "You do it because the ultimate reward of sport is in playing the game the way it's supposed to be played, and expending every ounce of effort and every gram of talent at your disposal in pursuit of your cause, no matter the circumstances, no matter the score."

Nice job, Noah.

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