The ET Seton disc golf course

Prior to installation of targets

Added 2011-04-25

Before we played frisbee golf on Another Good Friday on Toronto Island last week, I had browsed through Disc Golf Ontario's forum, and stumbled upon news that there will soon be a new disc golf course at Ernest Thompson Seton park. If you're interested, follow the development of the course at Project Disc Golf.

So on the way home from East York on a quiet, drizzly Easter Monday, I decided to check out ET Seton and see where the new disc golf course will be. From the Forks of the Don, I entered the valley of the West Don River from the CN tracks at the south end. ET Seton park lies only on the east side of the river, while on the west side is undeveloped forest, marsh, and bush.

Targets and tee locations have reportedly been marked, but I was able to find only one such possible marking out of the 36 needed for 18 tees and 18 targets.

Possible target location?

The park is long and thin, with many trees, and I expect the course will have some challenging fairways. Here's a lovely spot where we will surely have to take care in playing around the inevitable civilians taking a break on the bench to enjoy the view.


ET Seton park goes under the Gatineau hydro corridor (towers barely visible in above photo), approximately where the Thorncliffe Ski Jump used to be, south of the Ontario Science Centre. More on the ski jump later.

Soccer ball floating down the West Don river

The river will be a difficult hazard to avoid. In this hazy photo, someone's soccer ball floats off, like Wilson in Cast Away. Up on the bank of the river you can see the blue and black recycling and garbage bins provided by the Parks Department, along the main path.

Entrance to ET Seton by car is easiest at the north end, off Leslie at Eglinton. For those taking the TTC, there are three bus lines that stop at the corner, and steps down to the park on the south side of Eglinton.

Map showing entrance to ET Seton park at Leslie at Eglinton

There's also a vehicular entrance at the south end, off Thorncliffe Park Drive, a life-in-your-hands-trust-in-your-brakes downhill screamer on a bike.

Map showing entrance to ET Seton park off Thorncliffe Park Drive

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