The first flowers of spring

Found in the Vale of Avoca

Added 2010-03-24

Down in the Vale of Avoca again today, checking out Yellow Creek which actually looks yellow! It must be the runoff from the last couple of days of rain we've had. Here's the outflow just south of Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Outflow of Yellow Creek just south of Mount Pleasant Cemetery

You can see all the rubble within the first ten metres or so, which creates quite the turmoil when the surge of water following a storm comes roaring out of the outflow. This is where I plan to be during the next major downpour.

Rubble across Yellow Creek just south of the outflow

Several hundred metres further south, seen from the west bank of the ravine, Rosehill Avenue's former course down to the creek can be seen in the foreground. Yes, there actually was a road that went down into the valley, crossed the creek right here, and went up the other side, coming out near Mount Pleasant and Inglewood; more on this later.

Rosehill Avenue used to cross Yellow Creek right here

Solid stone blocks acting as gabions line both sides of the creek here, although many have been shifted out of place after years of pounding by storm surges. The exposed roots of the trees on the other side show the result of regular scouring.

On the hillside on the way home, plain evidence that winter is long gone and spring is already here. Although one more snowfall would not surprise me.

Early flowers in the Vale of Avoca

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