The Old Bridle Path

Outlook over Summerhill village

Added 2011-04-27

Take Mount Pleasant Road north from downtown, through the Yellow Creek valley and David Balfour park, and immediately past the CP Rail underpass, turn right on Carstowe Road. Just where it turns north into MacLennan Avenue, there's a small patch of open space, nameless as far as I can tell, which affords one a great spot to relax and watch the trains go by.

Chillin' by da railroad

Just north of this spot is the Old Bridle Path, a dead-end street which climbs the side of the ancient Lake Iroquois bluff, and at the top of which are some lovely quaint homes. With no foliage on the trees, you get a great view of the little community on Summerhill Avenue across the tracks.

CP rail line and Summerhill village

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