The "Pro Slant"

An analysis of the "pro slant" pass pattern

Added 2009-11-15

Vikings reach the red zone in their first drive against the Lions. Bernard Berrian, #87 for Minnesota, is lined up split right, looking back inside at the ball, waiting for the snap. His defender, William James of the Detroit Lions, is lined up too far back, making the "pro slant" a virtual gimme.

Defender on the goal line, leaving too much cushion on the inside

The key to the "pro slant" is to run straight ahead for a few steps. To this point, the defender does not know if you're going to hook, square, fly, or what.

Here comes the slant

At the crucial point, the receiver slants in sharply. In the MTTFL, this point would be about 7 or 8 yards downfield, before the 10-yard mark where normal patterns, e.g. squares and hooks, make their first break. But the ball must come out on time.

Ball not delivered on time, defender can close and make a play

In the Vikings game, Brett Favre threw late, and threw behind his receiver. The defender breaks up the pass, and the Vikes settle for a field goal.

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