Thorncliffe Racetrack

An aerial photograph from 1942 shows the location of the racetrack at Millwood near Overlea

Added 2009-07-22

I went for a walk this afternoon to the Thorncliffe Racetrack, built in 1920 and torn down in 1952. On the way home, I found a patch of wild raspberries in a ravine. (Which ravine it was shall not be disclosed at this time.)

The first image is taken from a fascinating aerial photograph of East York and Leaside in the City Of Toronto Archives dated April 29, 1942.

Aerial photograph of Thorncliffe Racetrack in 1942

The second image is a closeup of a map using Microsoft Virtual Earth with labels.

Closeup map from of Thorncliffe Racetrack area (current)

Nearby are the Leaside Hydro Transmission Station to the west of the racetrack, Leaside Bridge (1927) to the south, and the North Toronto Sewage Treatment Plant (1929) to the southwest, in the valley alongside the Canadian National Railway line now used by the GO train. The road down the hill from Redway Road to the sewage plant is still there, except nowadays you have to go through the Loblaws to get to it.

Overlea Boulevard cuts across the racetrack and through where the grandstand was, near the Coca Cola property north of the East York Town Centre (formerly Thorncliffe Plaza). Leaside Park would be inside the track, right there on the side of Millwood Road where I once had a car fire.

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