Time Moose Scape

Another moose in the city

Added 2011-07-12

Time Moose Scape behind the Science Centre

Playing frisbee golf at the E.T. Seton park tonight, I happened quite by accident to notice this lovely moose tucked away in the back lot of the Ontario Science Centre.

Closeup of Time Moose Scape

His name is Time Moose Scape, and this is not his original appearance.

When the Moose in the City outdoor art event and tourist attraction was held in 2001, there were 326 moose located all over Toronto. Time Moose Scape looked a lot different then, as you can see on his original web page, Time Moose Scape.

Three years ago, Time Moose Scape was featured in an article in the online magazine Torontoist, The Moose that Time Forgot. How he came by his new tuxedo outfit and the honking great red nose, and why he had to lose his antlers, remains unexplained.

Sadly, most of the other moose from the original herd are now missing. And they are missed. There is an effort underway to create a film about them. See Moose | The Documentary, where you can browse thumbnail images of all the moose, including the ones that are still missing. If you know where a missing moose is, contact the producer of the documentary at anna@sandstormproductions.ca, and you could win $500. Please do also contact me and let me know if you see one.

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